Team members only page (password is is the same as the code to get into the lab)

2019-2020 Rocket Motorsports Team

The following people represent the 26th Rocket Motorsports Racing team.


Leader - Colin Jedrzejek

Justyn Bobinski  Hannah Haselhuhn                 Michael North           Justin Bick                                                                


Leader - Jacob Zeller

Ben Wolak                              Matt McCracken                 Tyson Niese


Team Leader - Hannah H.

Technical - Colin Jedrzejek  Business - Caleb Schindler    PR / Media - Ben Wolak      Faculty Adviser - Dr. Hixon                                                                                                


Leader - James Kundmueller

Sophie Alper Tyler Ulbricht Kyle Martell   


Leader -  Tommy Bobik  

James Smith                          Jacob Kennedy      Colton Niese Race Vollmar



Leader - Caleb Schindler Leader - Drew Woodford

Michael Burket                      Ben Butler

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Design Leads

Jacob Zeller - Electrical James Kundmueller - Chassis Caleb Schindler - Aerodynamics

Colin Jedrzejek - Suspension Tommy Bobik - Powertrain Drew Woodford - Aerodynamics


Ben Wolak - PR / Media Hannah Haselhuhn - President Colin Jedrzejek - Technical Lead

Team Members